Rooted in


Clearing the Way, Root to Shoot: Crazy M Enterprises, Your Premier Land Clearing and Stump Removal Specialists.

Family owned and operated

Your local Stump Busters

Welcome to Crazy M Enterprises, your locally owned and operated experts for specialized tree stump grinding and removal services. With our unique methods and cutting-edge equipment, we go beyond the conventional stump grinders, ensuring complete root removal and reaching greater depths than any other tree grinding service. Say goodbye to unsightly stumps and make way for a pristine landscape with our expert team. We are proud to serve Lewis, Cowlitz, and Thurston Counties.

Stump removal done differently

Tree stump grinding and removal is essential for maintaining a safe and aesthetically pleasing outdoor space. Leftover stumps can be hazardous, causing tripping hazards and attracting pests. We take pride in our specialized methods and advanced equipment, which allow us to go beyond traditional stump grinders, ensuring complete root removal below the surface and reaching greater depths, delivering unmatched results that guarantee your yard remains stump-free and beautiful for years to come. Trust our expertise to transform your outdoor space into a safe and pristine environment you can enjoy with confidence.

Land Clearing

Land clearing is a vital step in various construction and landscaping projects, providing a clean slate for new developments while ensuring safety and environmental compliance. We are the local experts in land clearing, with extensive knowledge of the regional terrain, regulations, and ecosystem. Our team’s commitment to precision, efficiency, and responsible practices sets us apart, guaranteeing a seamless process and a transformed landscape that perfectly aligns with your vision. Trust us to clear the way for your next project, leaving no stone unturned and no challenge unmet.